Orbi router keep going offline

Why does my Orbi router keep going offline?

Orbi router keep going offline

Is your Orbi router’s Wi-Fi network keep going offline? If you are facing the Orbi router keep going offline issues, then no need to trouble.

The blog will provide the quick and best solution and will help to find the major reasons that could lead to the Orbi’s going offline.

Firstly, we are going to share the common reasons behind the offline state. The common reasons are the  Outdated firmware version of the Orbi router, Connectivity issues related to the modem, and the Low internet signals.

Moreover, there is no doubt that the Orbi keeps going offline activity may carry several problems, for example, unable to access the web pages, not able to access the email account and many others.

So, if the users are facing any of the above issues, then they should start the troubleshooting tips, which we are going to discuss in the below section.

Troubleshooting tips for Orbi router’s offline network

Here are the following tips to fix the Orbi router that keeps going offline state.

  1. Ensure that modem is properly connected to the device (having internet) using the WAN connection using an Ethernet cable. If the network of Netgear Orbi router remains offline even after the hard-wired connection.
    Then, it can take place due to an internet service outage. So, to overcome the situation, you are advised to take the help of the ISP team.

    Netgear Orbi RBK50 router setup

  2. Let’s suppose if there is an availability of internet service, but the computer device is unable to connect with the network. Then, the users need to power cycle the Netgear Orbi router.

  3. If any of the users came across with problems, like not able to access the websites, no changes on the LED lights, and many others. Therefore, we suggest our users use the following steps in series.

    • Foremostly, properly check all of your connecting cables.
    • To freshen all of the connection, one need to power cycle the network. It can easily be performed by disconnecting all of the network devices or at least 10-20 seconds and after it, connect them again.
    • In the third step, the user needs to check whether the Netgear Orbi router firmware is updated or not.
  4. So, if the Netgear Orbi keeps going offline issue may take place, contact our Orbi technical support team.

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