Orbi satellite colors

What do you mean by various colors on the Orbi satellite?

Meanings of different colors on Orbi satellite

Orbi satellite colors

If you are facing a problem with the flashing of different colors in the Orbi satellite, then we are here to solve your problems and will provide the best solution. The Orbi satellite represents the various colors codes. However, the blog will help to understand the meaning of every color on the Orbi satellite.

Different colors on the Orbi satellite

Here are the following various colors on the Orbi satellite with their Orbi color codes.

1. Solid Green: The solid green lights represents that your Orbi router, as well as your Orbi satellite, are switched on. Although, both of them are getting a proper power supply. It states there is no connectivity issue or power-related issue.

2. Solid Amber: Whenever the user is viewing the amber light on your Orbi, then keep stated that the user’s devices are in rebooting state. Thus, the user is suggested not to interrupt while the reboot process is taking place.

3. Pulsing Amber: If in a situation, you can see the flashing of pulsing amber light, then we suggested moving back your Orbi to default settings.

The pulsing amber light flashes because there might be some issue related to configuration. It can only be fixed when one can perform the Orbi satellite reset to the factory defaults. Once, you reset your device, then try to configure it again.

4. Pulsing Red: The blinking of a red light defines, there is the occurrence of a technical glitch. To stop the flashing of pulsing red light, we recommend our users to keep in touch with your nearby well-expertise technician.

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