Insight premium account using Insight cloud portl

How to setup orbi pro wifi 6 network using Insight?

Now, you can use one account for all Orbi app with the Insight cloud portal. By using the Insight cloud portal, users can manage and monitor their router settings. Before you use the Insight app to work with the Orbi Pro wifi 6 setup, you need to create an Insight account.

So, first, we see the effective steps to create an Insight premium account. Let’s see!

Steps to Create an Insight premium account using Insight cloud portal:

Insight premium account using Insight cloud portl
  • First, navigate to
  • Tap on Create Netgear account.
  • Then, fill all the required fields and select your country.
    Note: The password must be strong and at least contain one uppercase, one lowercase, and one numerical character.
  • Now, click Terms and Conditions.
  • Here, read the terms and conditions, and select the check box.
  • After this, a verification email is sent to the Email ID that you first used to set up your Insight account.
  • Hit the Netgear Sign-Up
  • After that, a confirmation screen will open.
  • Go to your Email ID, open the email received from Netgear Support and tap on the Verify your email address link.
  • Once done, a confirmation web page displays.
  • Again, go to
  • Tap on the Login.
  • To log in using the Email address and password that you used to create an account.
  • Click on the Netgear Sign In
  • That’s it, now, you can set up your Orbi Pro wifi 6 using Insight cloud Portal.

After successfully creating an Insight account, you can use the Insight app to manage and monitor your settings. Let’s see the following steps to Orbi Pro WiFi 6 setup to work with the Insight app.

Steps to Setup Orbi Pro WiFi 6 network using Insight cloud portal:

  • Turn on your Orbi Pro WiFi 6 router.
  • Take an Ethernet cable, connect it to the Orbi Pro router. You can also connect with the wi-fi connection using the wi-fi network name and password.
  • After, open any web browser.
  • Log in to the Insight Cloud portal.
  • Choose a location.
  • Tap on the +icon.
  • Here, you need to enter the serial number of the Orbi Pro WiFi 6 router.
  • Hit on the Go option.
  • To rename your device, you can go under the Device Name section to change the name.
  • Tap Next and choose Devices.
  • And, check that your Orbi Pro WiFi 6 router is added to your location.
    Note: Your Orbi device might be rebooting for 2-5 minutes before settings are applied. After rebooting, your Orbi device is successfully connected.
  • Finally, you can use the Insight app to manage your Orbi Pro WiFi 6 network.

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