Orbi pink light issue

How to fix pink light on Orbi router?

If the Orbi router continuously emitting the pink light, it may lead to big confusion among the Orbi router users. Also, if the users or Orbi router fails to find out the major possible reasons for orbi glowing pink light, then read the blog carefully and try to fix Orbi pink light.

Major reasons behind Orbi flashing pink light

Orbi flashing pink light

Here are some of the causes of Orbi blinking pink light:-

  • Internet network issues.
  • Maybe your Orbi router fails to connect with Orbi Satellite and the Orbi glowing pink light.
  • Maybe the RJ45 Ethernet cable is not connected properly to the WLAN port.
  • The outdated Orbi router firmware is one of the possible reasons behind the Orbi emitting pink light.
  • Make sure, the Orbi users properly configure the Orbi router with the help of orbilogin.com or you may use www.orbilogin.net.
  • Inactivation of the Wi-Fi network for very long hours may lead to the flashing of pink light on the Orbi router.

How to fix the Orbi pink light issue?

Orbi pink light issue

To fix the Orbi pink light issue, here are some of the important points:-

  1. Firstly, check the cable connections. Make sure, there should be no loose connection.
  2. Properly sync the Orbi router with your Orbi satellite.
  3. Put your Orbi router and Orbi satellite in a perfect position.
  4. In case, if all the cable connection is in proper state and still, the Orbi router flashing the pink light. Then, switch off the Orbi router and disconnect all the wires which are connected to it.

After that, wait for few seconds. Turn on your Orbi router and again, connect all the cables.

  1. Update your Orbi router to the latest firmware version to avoid the pink light issues.

So, the above simple steps should be followed to fix orbi pink light issues. In case, the Orbi still flashing the pink light, then don’t forget to contact the technical experts.

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