fix Orbi blinking yellow light error

How to fix orbi yellow light error?

Is your orbi blinking yellow error? Mainly Orbi is not flashing yellow light, there’s some issue with your Orbi device that’s why orbi blinking yellow light.

If you are also facing this issue, why is Orbi light yellow? It means maybe your router is not receiving proper signals. Don’t worry! Here in this guide, we explain to you the meaning of Yellow light along with the solution to fix it, so you can quickly solve this yellow light error.

Reason why is Orbi light yellow or blinking yellow light

why is Orbi light yellow or blinking yellow light

As we all know that, the Orbi router comes with a LED ring that indicates to us what is happening with the router. If, in any case, your orbi device blinks yellow light, it could be due to some reason. So before we know the solution to this issue, we first need to understand the reason for this error. Let’s see the following reasons for this.

  • Make stronger connection :
    The most common reason is your Orbi device not receiving a stronger connection. Maybe your Orbi router is placed too far from the Orbi satellite. So, you need to place the Orbi satellite closer to the router to make a stronger wifi connection.
  • Update the firmware :
    A yellow light error also occurs when you are using outdated firmware of the Orbi device. Therefore, update the firmware of the device. To do this, download the latest firmware version of your device from the Netgear support site and sign in to the web address and go through with the asked instructions.
  • Reboot the entire network :
    It is another reason for an Orbi blinking yellow light error. You just need to reboot the network of all the entire devices. Turn off the all the devices like Orbi router, Orbi satellite, modem and computer for 5 minutes and after this turn them on to solve this error.
  • Reset your Orbi device :
    Perhaps your device needs a reset. Reset your Orbi device to its factory default settings by pressing the reset button for a few seconds. After this, you have to set up the router again.

That’s it, this was all about the reason for Orbi blinking yellow error. Now we see the steps to fix the yellow light error.

Steps to fix Orbi blinking yellow light error

fix Orbi blinking yellow light error
  • First, place your orbi router and satellite both close to each other and connect them to a power socket.
  • Wait for a few seconds to get stable the Orbi satellite LED light pulses white light.
  • After this, your Orbi satellite is ready to sync with the router so press the Sync button on the rear of the satellite for about a few seconds.
  • After 2-3 minutes, press the sync button of the Orbi router for 10 seconds.
  • Here, wait until the Orbi router to sync with the Orbi satellite. This process may take up to 4-5 minutes.
  • Once done, the LED light of the Orbi satellite will flash solid blue, which indicates the connection is good.
  • If the Orbi satellite will flash blue, it means that the connection is fair. You just need to close both devices.

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