To fix the Orbi not detecting router

How to fix Orbi not detecting router?

If anyone wants to enjoy the fast internet speed, then the Netgear Orbi mesh-WiFi is the perfect option. It is suitable for vast areas. Netgear Orbi router provides lag-free internet usage. But sometimes, while connecting your Orbi system to the Orbi app, many users face the problem. The most common issue reported is Orbi not detecting the router.

If you are the one experiencing the same, then you stand at the right place.

Steps: To fix the Orbi not detecting router

Here are some of the tips that definitely help to fix the above-mentioned issue.

  1. Reboot the Orbi Mesh network : Rebooting the Orbi mesh Wi-Fi network will help the user to fix the technical glitches. Start reboot, by unplugging the Netgear Orbi router from the power socket. After minutes, plug it back to the socket and see that your Orbi app is now detecting the Orbi network or not
To fix the Orbi not detecting router

2. Disable LTE connection :  Sometimes, connecting the Smartphones to the many Wi-Fi networks at one time will make the user fall to the issue of Orbi not detecting router. So, disable your LTE connection and make sure the Orbi device is properly connected to the Orbi network.

3. Update the Orbi app : If your software is not updated, then you will also not be able to connect to the Orbi network of the Orbi router. Therefore, it is suggested to update the latest version of the Orbi app over your device.

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