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How to fix Orbi firmware update failed?

To keep interact with the latest feature of the Orbi router, the blog suggested updating the Orbi router firmware, whenever the new firmware version is available. Try to set the Orbi router and Orbi satellite to update automatically.

But, sometimes the Orbi router comes with Orbi firmware update issues and may fail to auto-update the Orbi firmware update.  

Reasons behind Orbi firmware update not working

Reasons behind Orbi firmware update not working

There are many reasons behind the Orbi firmware update error. Some of them are discussed below:-

orbi firmware update fail
  1. Power cycle off over the Orbi router and Orbi satellite.
  2. Another most valid reason is when the Orbi router is far from the Orbi satellite. Try to place your Orbi router near the Orbi satellite.
  3. The Orbi firmware won’t update if there will be no internet connection.
    Note: The auto-update would not be possible without the internet connection.
  4. Maybe the user has downloaded the wrong firmware file of any other router.
  5. Keep check the Search Engine update and try to remove all the cache and cookies- this may be the major reason behind the failure of the Orbi firmware update failed.
  6. It is also suggested to reboot your Netgear Orbi modem before connecting the Netgear Orbi router.
  7. Try to follow the above troubleshooting tips to fix the Orbi firmware update not working. 

Manual steps for Orbi router firmware update

But, if the user still may face Orbi firmware update error, then try to use the manual steps which the blog is going to suggest in the below section:-

1. Download the latest Firmware version for the Orbi router.

Firmware version for the Orbi router.

2. Switch On your computer device or laptop.

3. Open any of the Search Engines.

4. Enter orbilogin.com in the URL bar. Press Enter key.

5. Once the user logged in to the Orbi router. Go to the Firmware update section.

Go to the Firmware update section.

6. Tap on the Browse button and upload the downloaded Orbi firmware file.

7. Wait for a minute, till the Orbi router firmware file process gets complete. 

8. At last, follow the given instructions to update the Netgear Orbi router firmware.

However, the user is successfully done with the Netgear Orbi firmware update.

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