fix Orbi solid blue light issue

How to fix Orbi blue light issues?

Every light on the Orbi router has its meaning. The Orbi router is designed in such a framework that different lights represent different meanings.

 Let’s talk about what does the Orbi blue light indicates? The Orbi blue light represents that there is a good connection between the Orbi satellite and the Orbi router, but the Orbi satellite is not in sync.

 If you are looking for a perfect solution to fix Orbi blue light issue, then we suggest reading the below-mentioned steps in detail.

Steps to fix Orbi solid blue light issue

fix Orbi solid blue light issue

Let’s suppose, the user has noticed the continuous blinking of a solid blue light for at least 10 seconds, which defines the connection between your Orbi satellite and Orbi router is in a good state.

But, if the blue light gets stuck at one point and did not respond at all, then we suggested following the given steps:-

  1. Remove all the wires which are attached to your device and let it be in an off state for some time.
  2. Now, turn on your Orbi devices and properly check whether the blue light issues get resolved or not.
  3. Ensure that all of the ethernet cables are attached properly with your Orbi device, and are working in fine condition or not.
  4. In case, there might be an issue taking place due to wires/cables, then replace them without wasting your time.

  5. At regular intervals, keep checking the latest firmware version for your device.

  6. Download the latest firmware update to update your Orbi device to the latest firmware version.

Thus, we have provided the best and easy solution to solve the blue light issue in your Orbi router.

Although the Orbi blue issue still annoys you,  we suggest taking the help of well-skilled professional experts to resolve your issue.

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