Change orbi admin password

How to change Orbi admin password?

Make sure your Orbi router’s admin password is secure, if you have not changed your router’s admin password yet, then you should need to change the orbi admin password. By doing you secure the router’s network as well as it also refreshes the network speeds.

Each router automatically comes with default admin login details, which is simple to crack for everyone. Therefore, users change orbi admin password to secure their router’s network. Herein, we describe the easiest way to change orbi admin password.

Easy steps to change orbi admin password

Change orbi admin password
  1. First, verify your computer or PC is connected with the orbi wifi network.
  2. Now, launch a preferred browser on your device.
  3. On the search bar, type or IP address
  4. Tap the Enter key, and a login screen will display on your device.
  5. After, log in to the router by entering the username and password.

    Note: default username– admin
     default password– password

  6. Here, a basic home page will open.
  7. Navigate to Advanced setting then Administration.
  8. Select the Set Password option.
  9. By selecting, a Set Password page will open.
  10. To change the password, complete the following fields and hit the APPLY
  11. That’s it now settings are successfully saved.

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