Adjust the Antennas of orbilogin router

How to Boost your Orbi home wifi router for a faster internet

Slow internet is always frustrated the users. When you work from home and the internet connection is slow, this is very frustrating. However, there are many reasons for slow internet connection. But don’t worry, we are explaining some ways to boost your router for a faster internet connection.

Position of the orbi Router :

Position of the orbi Router

Most important is that where you place your home orbi wifi router. The right position of the router gives you a strong wifi network. Place your router in the center of your home as well as an open area, far from electronic devices. To faster your internet connection, it’s best to keep your router at a higher place instead of placing it on the floor.

Adjust the Antennas of orbilogin router :

Adjust the Antennas of orbilogin router

As the routers come with antennas, in case you are using the router that comes with adjustable antennas. You need to adjust the router’s antennas perpendicular, one should be positioned vertically, and the other should be horizontal. Moreover, if your router comes with only one antenna, adjust your router antenna either vertically or horizontally to faster your network.

Use extender or powerline networks : Sometimes users do not get the fastest internet connection even you have already set the router in the center of the home, mostly when you live in a grand multistory house. Therefore, you need to use a range extender to enhancing your wi-fi network. You can also use the powerline network adapter that transmits data through the electrical wires.

Setup wireless security :

wireless security orbi router-compressed

Setup password for your wifi network is essential. By setting up a password for your wifi network, you can protect your network from the neighborhood. In case your network is open, maybe your neighbor or friends use your network, so this is also the reason for the slow internet. To keep your internet fast, you need to set up a password for your network.

Limit unnecessary connections : Always prioritize your connections by limiting unnecessary connections. Online games, video calls, online videos take up a lot of bandwidth. With the QoS setting, you can prioritize some applications and limit the unnecessary bandwidth. Additionally, when you are playing online games, you won’t be interfered with by downloading large files using the QoS settings.

Reboot the router and modem daily :

How to reset my Orbi router

Like everything needs a break after working, your router as well as the modem, also need a break. You need to reboot your router and modem. By doing this, maybe internet slow issues will be solved.

Upgrade your netgear orbi router :

Regularly update your router with the latest wi-fi technology that is always best for your internet connection. We recommended you to get the brand new router that support wi-fi 6 technology. To take fastest network, use a MU-MIMO technology router that improves the capacity of your network and gives the strong wi-fi to your multiple devices.



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