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How to fix Orbi white light issue

Are you getting tired of searching for a solution to fix orbi white light issue? If yes, then started following the post.

Orbi routers are the most helpful device to enjoy the lag-free and fast internet facility to every corner of your home. Besides all, the most recent problems facing most of the Orbi users are the Orbi blinking white issue.

Reasons behind the Orbi blinking white light

Orbi blinking white light

Undoubtedly, there can be several why is Orbi flashing white light? Every light flashing has different indications. So, if your Orbi router showing the white light, it means your router is in rebooting state.

But, let’s clear out some of the common reasons behind the light issue are:-

  1. Sometimes, there are high chances of flashing the white light at the time of Orbi router firmware update or before it.
  2. The second reason is the Orbi router reset procedure to its default settings.

Now, the question arises how to tackle the flashing light error? So, you don’t need to be a worry. We offer some of the troubleshooting steps to handle the situation.

Troubleshooting tips to solve Orbi white light error

If you’re unable to access the internet only because of the Orbi flashing white light issue, then use the following troubleshooting tips:-

1. After waiting a long time, if the booting process still in process, then the first solution is to power cycle the Orbi router. It can be performed by unplugging the power adapter from the power device.

power cycle the Orbi router

2. As the case may be where the Orbi router is not getting the proper power supply and taking too much time to reboot and Orbi blinking white light, then it is proposed to change the power socket.

3. Another simple way to overcome with Orbi blinking white light issue, is to reboot the modem or access point. For this, the user needs to simply remove the cable which is already connected to the modem along with the power cable.

Orbi reboot

If still the Orbi RBK50 flashes white light issue persists, then try to plan to reset the Orbi Wi-Fi router. Moreover, try to contact our technicians to suggest the perfect guide for the problem.

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