How to fix Orbi RBR50 speed issues

How to fix Orbi RBR50 speed issues?

To fix the Orbi RBR50 speed issue, the blog is going to provide some useful tips to deal with the speed problem of your Orbi router.

Solution 1: Try to move to the troubleshooting methods

How to fix Orbi RBR50 speed issues

So, before you think to fix the speed issue of the Orbi RBR50 router, it is better to once go through the troubleshooting methods. It means you need to check whether the Orbi router is centrally positioned or not, keep checking the network security, and so on.

Solution 2: Test the connection speed

Another solution for the Orbi RBR50 speed issue is to keep testing the connection speed. For this, the blog suggests starting the test through M-lab. It will help you check out the networking speed, even though the performance of the ISP.

Solution 3: Compare the speed with the VPN

Orbi RBR50 speed issue

Moreover, it suggests comparing the internet speed with the VPN speed.

Solution 4: Fix the internet

This is one of the hardest parts to fix your internet.

Fix the internet RBR50
  • For this, it is suggested to take the help of the best provider in your area, which will guide the most responsible ISP.
  • To maintain consistent speed, use the VPN. Make sure that a VPN is not be used to solve the bad connection else, but it helps to mitigate throttling from the unuseful ISPs.

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